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October 21, 2020
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Green Girl Painting


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From the painter-

you’d find the countless definition of what nature really is
Some exact, some vague
But I think nature is you
It’s the twinkle in your eyes,
That could be someone’s saving anchor
It’s the innocence you pursue
Wit and charm include
Nature is the widespread chaos in your mind that
Makes you want to control everything around

I know you have an aching heart and a whirlwind of emotions
By far the most rabid
But I also know the strength it takes you not to expose any of it and that nature to me
So the next time you go searching for something, anything beautiful peaceful
Take a chance and look around, look around for the sky, look around for the trees, look around for the nature
You just might be surprised.

Denouement- These girls are the symbol of the freedom of nature, caught under the poisonous environment and the chaos around them by the unhealthy environment created by the mankind is not letting them to breathe in Peacefully.
They seek to get away from this trap and fly in the free world.
They want to be the dancing queen of this new free ecofriendly world, Woodka is aspiring to create.

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